Custom Gavels for Masons

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These are just some of the graphics available. 

Feel free to choose from one of these or provide your own!


        S&C #1                       S&C #2                           S&C #3                    S&C No "G" (clear)        S&C No "G" (filled)            



    Past Master 1                    Past Master 2                    Past Master 3            All Seeing Eye #1              All Seeing Eye #2   



    All Seeing Eye #3           Scottish Rite 33rd              Scottish Rite #1                Scottish Rite #2                       Virtus #1



            Virtus #2                   Knight's Templar                Royal Arch                      Mirth is King



    Jr. Warden Plumb               Sr. Warden Level                                  Worshipful Master Square



         Compass Rose                  DeMolay                  Job's Daughters                        OES



Miscellaneous Graphics


    Master Mechanic               Texas Star                      Anchor               Ace of Spades        Air Force Chevron



        Celtic Cross        Air National Guard            Anchor 2              Army National Guard       Clover            Jesus w/cross



 Globe and Anchor            USMC                           Hosta                 Corner Flourish               Sailboat            Security Forces Badge



Security Forces Flash          Sr Master Sgt             US Air Force                US Coast Guard                      Sunflower Border